Hi! My name is Nicole Poirier. You won’t see any fancy theology, philosophy or psychology degrees here yet but psychology and the human and spiritual experience are what make up my world, how I perceive it and my existence in it.

I am a natural empath and clairsentient. These gifts give me the ability to read people very well. I can do this by scanning you and asking you simple questions. By seeing how you answer and what you answer I am able to see qualities in yourself that you, yourself, may be unaware of. I can easily recognize traumas or underlying reasons that may make you act the way you do.

By scanning for negative things I am able to tell what’s going on– almost like a Doberman sensing out someone’s false sense of ego. My keen sense of emotion can tell me what’s really going on with you beneath the surface.

How are you doing emotionally? Balancing and acknowledging emotions can lead to joy, enthusiasm, peace and relaxation! Sometimes all you need is an outsider’s perspective.

I have successfully been present, yes PRESENT, with all my emotions no matter how uncomfortable they can be. I have become more stress resistant in doing so and can show you techniques and coping strategies that come with changing for the better 💃🏽

I have fine-tuned my psychic, empathic and receptive abilities & use them in my writing and coaching and can give you clear guidance and advice from the spiritual realm.

Affirming the life that you want to live is challenging at times but completely do-able and I can help you do it!

Faith is important! I have been highly dedicated to numerology and giving my fears and worries up to my angels. If you are riddled with doubt let me help give you some insight into what you may be missing.

Through my experiences given to you in my writing and with my one on one coaching sessions I hope to help you create a positive change in yourself and the life that you want.

One on One Coaching with Nicole

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