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Chapter Thirty-Eight

One of the things that makes this world so great is diversity. All different kinds of people have different ways to navigate life. What I have come to understand is how much my energy can affect the people around me and vice versa. Take for example a person who has grown up and hasn’t received a lot of love. She has kind of had … Read More Chapter Thirty-Eight

Chapter Thirty-Seven

Things were still awkward, but I was trying to make the best of it and was successful at remaining positive towards the end of my time there. A large part due to my therapist, Margaret, and my messages I believed I was receiving from my angels. I would do free angel card readings daily and keep an eye out for numbers that seemed to … Read More Chapter Thirty-Seven

The Little Book of Emotions

I own this little tiny book of emotions. It was written by two women in Maine. One felt compelled to write it by her guides and the other helped with the project. Each page has a different emotion on it with an accompanying image. The emotion is acknowledged with a phrase and then let go and replaced with something positiveย by the second phrase. Recently … Read More The Little Book of Emotions