Category: Poetry

A Steady Hand?

When I want to write sometimes I get this heavy feeling in my chest. I think that it means that I don’t believe in what I am doing. It means that I don’t believe in myself. It means that I don’t think I can do it. That I think I’m stupid for trying. I wish the feeling would go away but the more I … Read More A Steady Hand?


Love came bursting through me, through my heart space For the wide open day that lay before me, before everyone for the vastness of our world, filled with the new day’s sun Worry about who I am came next Disappointment Overactive Mind Coming up with bleak conclusions mighty fast As if they were the have all and be all. Shaking Excitement? Unknown Breathing. Why … Read More Inspiration

Purposeful Living

Fire swept over her like gasoline to a match That wasn’t for her she realized, quickly and abruptly There was no fire there was no passion There were just boring facts For waking people up that didn’t want to be awoken Useless, trivial and with no belief she turned her thoughts elsewhere To where she, believed Obsession came in waves The toilet had started … Read More Purposeful Living