I’m glad you’re interested in one on one coaching! Let me tell you more about my process.

I can coach anyone, anywhere in the U.S. Most of my help will be offered via Facetime and/or phone calls or emails.

If you are to buy one of my packages we will start with a free consultation where I will get to know you more and try to see what your goals are in this coaching process.ย I’ll need to see what makes you tick and what makes you react to something and/or get triggered. Self-awareness is the first grueling, yet essential step to changing your life.

Let me help you get your life on track to where you know it could be.

Learn to…

  • Communicate with your angels.
  • Develop your intuition (if lacking).
  • Sense love & light through prayer.
  • Incorporate the power of synchronicityย  and numerology into your life.

If you are interested in finding out more please enter your information below.


Emotional intelligence is a critical part to living a purposeful life. I will see where you are at with your emotions and incorporate tools into your life to get you on a better track to joy and exhilaration. (You have to go through the muck to get to the green grass though bt dubs) I won’t sugarcoat it, it’s not an easy process, once you start there’s no going back, but believe me it’s worth it. Do it for your family or future family if you need that motivation. Stop toxic thought patterns and behaviors that won’t serve anyone and that will just cause your kids to resent you. Invest in yourself!

Learn how to release the negativity from your body. Its stored in those little chicken wings and thighs of yours, we’ll get it out don’t worry. It ain’t serving you no more.




1 Week Coaching

Exclusive coaching with Nicole




1 Month Coaching

Exclusive Coaching with Nicole



You can either fill out your information in the contact form above and I will start a consultation with you, or you can go ahead and just buy your package.ย  Either way the choice is yours! If you choose to pay for one of my coaching services, I will send you a welcome e-mail and we will schedule your phone or email consultation–whichever you prefer and go from there.

If you are unhappy or unfulfilled with your experience at anytime I will gladly refund the cost of the coaching session that you purchase. This is about your soul purpose and being the best you can be. I will be in your corner. That, to me, is more important than any money.

I look forward to making an impact in your life and am grateful for the trust you instill in me for your growth.

Love, Light and Abraham Lincoln


“The Sun Worshiper”


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