Chapter Nine

The second or third week at my new job I learned there would be a potluck upstate at our partner lab. I decided I’d bring spinach artichoke dip and got in with a carpool that was heading up there.

Mary was driving. She had a baseball cap on and her glasses looked back at me through the rearview mirror. We were talking about where we had gone to college and it sounded like she had graduated 3 or 4 years before me. She had gone to school in Maine and it sounded like she worked down in Florida for a bit before she relocated back to Maine. I told her how my sister was working down in Florida now too so we talked a little more.

Harold and Peter were in our ride share too along with someone else I didn’t know. We started talking about work and Peter asked me where I was from and I learned he lived in the same town my boyfriend was from so we chatted about that a bit. I was extremely nervous though. I was never too good in social situations and I hadn’t gotten to know any of these people yet.

Once we got to the potluck I hung around Harold the most. He was really nice and never made me feel stupid. We ended up getting some of the games started together. There was corn hole so I played a round of cornhole with him against two other people I had met from our partner lab.

Lauren hadn’t come to the potluck and I didn’t really know anyone else. After a while Harold started hanging out with a different guy from the other lab and I went and tried to sit by some of the women. I kind of knew this one lady, Shannon. She was good friends with Lauren so I sat and listened to her conversation with a couple of other ladies that worked there. They didn’t really acknowledge me one way or another.


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