It is no coincidence I ended up with Margaret, my therapist. She introduced me to angel cards, which by now are one of my all time favorite possessions. She had a deck in her room and would let me pick cards from time to time. We would have discussions about energy on metaphysical level a lot, which really interested her and I both. She helped me realize myself as an empath after I told her how I  felt like I was just losing myself at work and feeling scattered. I would get so caught up in what everyone else was thinking and doing that I’d forget what I was doing and even forget to breathe.Image result for empath

She told me to try and cast a positive bubble around myself to minimize other people’s emotions being so distracting to me. I recognized that I did, in fact,  constantly pick up on the fluctuating emotional states and energies around me. Realizing this made me feel better about having such a hard time with racing thoughts and things of that nature while at work and in life in general. I realized other things about being an empath that were actually pretty cool and found some tools on an Empath Facebook group by Jennifer Soldner that were really helpful. When before, Margaret had told me to put a positive bubble around myself, I noticed that it would fade pretty easily. Online, Soldner had suggested that you should try to project your own energy and that it helped in reducing the amount of energy you were sensing. It helped me because I was focusing on projecting my energy out instead of only sensing others around me and bringing that in.

I started to like being an empath because I realized all the cool things that came along with it.

I was doing automated angel card readings for myself on Rev Sheri’s website, alot to get me through the adversity at work. It was a good way to check in on myself. They were always super accurate and they helped me through the times I had while I was working. Sometimes, when I would be extra harsh to Lauren I would get the Grace & Antoinette card that signalled for me to take a look at a situation through someone else’s eyes, saying to heal the situation look at the other person involved with compassion. The card would always help me realize when I was getting a little too empowered with my whole standing in my voice thing.

She, afterall, was acting out of hurt so it would have been nice if I could show her some compassion. It just felt hard to reach for most of the time. I had a really hard time forgiving her. I also struggled with having enough grace in order to show her compassion. The little kid in me just wanted to stomp around and be mad, which albeit, some of the times I did do. Or most of the time.

I started to notice my angels would speak to me through numbers and songs that came on the radio too. Synchronicities started happening all over the place for me, and now are an integral part of my life. I’d start seeing a number sequence repeatedly and had always heard about angel numbers like 11:11, so I decided to look it up online. I ended up finding a website called ANGEL NUMBERS- Joanne Sacred Scribes, that had a whole list of numbers and their meanings.  The world of numerology opened up to me like a secret Christmas present. It changed my life completely, which I guess a Christmas present wouldn’t do. It was better than a Christmas present and still remains one of my greatest strengths today.

I began to see the number 43 constantly when I needed comfort. Here is what Joanne Walmsley’s site has about number 43.

“The vibrations and energies of the number 43 are a combination of the number 4 and number 3. Number 4 brings the attributes of stability and ability, establishing solid foundations, effort and will, practicality and application, discipline and progress, passion and drive and resonates with the energies of the Archangels. Number 3 relates to society, creativity, enthusiasm and optimism, self-expression and communication, psychic abilities and intellectual pursuits, growth, expansion and the principles of increase. Number 3 is also the number of the Ascended Masters and the Holy Trinity and indicates that the Ascended Masters are around you assisting with manifesting your desired results.

Angel Number 43 is an indication that the Ascended Masters and angels are around you, helping you with their calming presence. They are helping you to find peace, clarity, and love within. Trust that all is well in your world, and with patience, passion, and persistence you will manifest all of your desires, including achieving success and personal fulfillment and satisfaction.

Angel Number 43 prompts you to connect and communicate with the angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters, and know that they will come to your aid when invoked. Trust that you are completely supported and protected by the angelic and spiritual realms, and your prayers and positive affirmations have been heard and are being responded to. Your manifesting abilities have ensured that your wants and needs will always be met.

Angel Number 43 also encourages you to look at your current home and lifestyle, and consider ways to uplift your environments in order to usher in more positive energies.”

I would get other numbers that would tell me that all I need to do when I am feeling down is to ask my angels to comfort me, and they would be there to comfort me. I would start trying it if my co-workers were harassing me and before I knew it the perfect song would come on the radio like She Talks to Angels by The Black Crowes. That happened quite a few times. Or Here I Go Again on My Own by Whitesnake would come on when I was feeling good or empowered. These synchronicities always happened for me at the perfect moment that I needed, giving me a little smirk or a knowing smile and the confidence and positive momentum I needed to push forward.

At one point in time, I would happen to look up at the clock when it was 8:27 or 3:27.  I’d glance down at a license plate and I would see some form or another of number 27 again while driving. I looked up the number on my new favorite numerology website. It told me that good was on its way into my life and to try and stay positive.

I started listening to the messages I got and tried to remember to stay as positive as I could. The number started following me around everywhere towards the end of the week.

One day, I went to the gas station during a break from work. I had two different routes I could take to get there. I started noticing that I could intuit things just for fun. So, I would ask myself in my head which way to go to the pizza station. There were two different ways I could go. I would take a right if I got a good feeling about right, or I’d go straight if I got a good feeling about straight. It was always clear to me which way to take when I took a moment to slow down and connect with myself. My intuition, which is just like a muscle you can work out, was growing stronger everyday.

That day, I had intuited which way to go to the gas station and happened to see three different sets of number 27 on my short trip there. I was in disbelief. I hadn’t set out to see them. I was mostly paying attention to the road and the view of the water, but I must have been getting feelings here and there as to where to look on my journey, whether it be mailboxes, license plates or signs. The special thing is if I hadn’t taken that route I would have never seen the numbers. If I hadn’t left the lab at the exact moment I had felt like leaving, I wouldn’t have seen them either.

On my way, back to work, after grabbing my pizza, I silently asked again which way to go. On the way back, I saw two more sets of the same number.

I was feeling grateful for my new messages on my way back and I suddenly came to a profound thought.  Wow, for this to happen to me, I must really be loved! Really and truly deeply loved and cared for. This resonated so deeply in my body that I had chills all over that lasted for a couple of minutes down the road. I quickly became attached to the nice feeling. It felt so magical. Like nothing I had ever experienced before.

The next week number 27 became 327. I was seeing it quite regularly off and on, along with some other numbers. Then the weekend came and my friends and fiancé and I were going on a small cruise out of Portland. After we got off the boat we wanted to go to a bar. We didn’t really know which one to go to, so we were walking around downtown. We were about to turn up towards a side street when I looked back and caught, Bullfeeney’s, out of the corner of my eye. I had heard people casually mention the bar in the past and my friends and I didn’t go out in Portland much so I suggested that we go there. We quickly ordered drinks and made our way upstairs to find to a live band and we were glad we had chosen that place.

A little bit later, I saw a guy with a backward hat on that, on it, in big bold lettering read, 327. I started to look around and noticed that the whole room was filled with about ten of these guys, all with this same hat on.  I was pleasantly surprised. I went on with my night and didn’t tell anyone about my little secret.

At the time, I was still living at the trailer out in Georgetown by the ocean with Jay. I had been getting more into oil painting because I found it relaxing. My dad is an oil painter and I have always been into art. One day, I decided to do kind of an abstract painting. I had been doing a bunch of yoga so I decided I wanted to paint a girl doing a tree pose. I painted her figure in blue and did some other abstract things, like a sunset, behind her. It was almost Salvador Dali-like. I painted an inverted sunset in the other corner of the canvas, then painted two other little figures just like the first one in a line going back to one of the corners getting smaller and smaller as they went.

It was late at night and I suddenly got the instinct to give her long blonde hair. It was straight with a little bit of curve and went almost all the way down to her feet. I loved it and its peculiarity as I looked over at it the next few days situated on my table.


I had no idea what inspired me to paint it. It wasn’t until a week or so later that I realized what I had painted. It had been Adriana! She was one of the angels from an angel card deck that I had begun to use online. She popped up in one of my readings after I had painted the painting. The card told me to follow her like a child would a mother. Her card featured her walking up steps with long blonde flowing hair behind her. There was no doubt in my mind that she is what I painted that night. She was with me and guiding me to her. I later added the word (listen) at the bottom because that is what the card and the energy of that angel is all about.

It truly is unnervingly amazing what can happen when you have faith and belief. Spirit follows you everywhere, never letting you forget it’s love it has for you. But I hate when ego, or whatever you want to call it, gets involved in spiritual moments. You know you’re bound to see number 27 if you keep looking for it, yeah, no wonder you see so many 27’s you only look down at like every other license plate. I quickly try and pull myself out of those funks, not allowing myself to think thoughts that rob me of my joy.

Numerology helped me and uplifted me at a point in my life where I greatly needed it. Numerology still encourages me and pushes me every single day. I believe that if your angels know that you will recognize number sequences they will go to all sorts of lengths in order for you get the message that you need. I can’t claim to know how they do it, but I know that something is certainly working on my behalf and yours too.

Having the numerology messages, almost daily, gave me the motivation and hope to keep a positive momentum going for myself.

We are much more in tune with spirit than we give ourselves credit for. I hadn’t been thinking about receiving any messages when I was getting ready to leave my lab on the day that I described for you. I had been thinking that I wanted some lunch and then probably got distracted by one thing or another and ended up leaving a couple minutes after I wanted to leave. Those little distractions just may have been spirit whispering in my ear.  Little impulses to delay my trip. Now when I feel a little slow getting out the door and start thinking of more things I need to grab and am stressed, I try to remember to be grateful. It could, afterall, be spirit slowing me down in order to sync me up with the numerology messages that I need.

When this started happening to me I was mystified to say the least. This was real, numerology, synchronicity, everything I only needed to be open to it.  If we were in alignment all the time and always chose to follow our intuitions there would be no end to these kinds of moments that we could create for ourselves. These kind of moments are what cause change in our lives. They bring happiness and fulfillment. There is nothing better than knowing you are on the right path, and when you get verification of it, it’s like everything else that you think could contribute to you having a bad day just washes away, you remember the bigger picture and you are happy and grateful if only for an instant for your existence and the path you are forging.


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