So within a period of about 15 seconds of sitting down at my table after trying to work on my blog in front of the TV I realized what I was supposed to write about. I am going to tell you how I came to that conclusion.

I was about to type about the number 24 because I had been seeing it a lot recently. I remembered this because I went back in the Safari app on my iPhone where I leave all my recent tabs open and search for angel numbers on my favorite blog.  I was going to write about what number 24 could mean to you in order to demonstrate how spirit is in our lives encouraging us and so on. I also saw in my tabs that I had a couple different pages open for to trade in my dad’s shoes I got him for Christmas, but dismissed it.

I had just watched a really ridiculous ironic movie called Broken Lizard’s Club Dread where they were trying to find a killer. It’s supposed to be funny, I definitely got a couple chuckles. At one point in the movie I happened to look up from my laptop when I was trying to figure out what I should do with my blog.  I looked up at a certain point where two of the main characters were hiding under a bed from the killer. They pulled out random things from under the bed that could help them and one was a huge giant blue feather. I had recently scrolled across meanings of different colored feathers so I popped open a new tab on my laptop and found that blue feathers mean that your psychic abilities are strengthening and that you are to be a tool for spirit.

Earlier in the movie when we tuned in it was just ridiculous and funny almost in a Scary Movie type of way. They were accusing each other of being the killer for ridiculous reasons. We tuned in when there was something to do about an octopus. They thought the killer was related to an octopus somehow. One guy had suggested that one of the character’s hair looked like an octopus and his name sounded something like a Spanish word. Then they asked the Spanish character what that meant in Spanish. The Spanish guy said it didn’t mean anything but said it sounded like another word in Spanish that meant shoes. They all said shoes and it showed there faces thoughtfully considering the word shoes and clues it could lead to. It was definitely going nowhere.

ANYWAYS I was about to get concentrated on writing or editing and had decided to just write about number 24 even though I wasn’t that excited about it.  Then I just happened to look down at a scrap piece of paper next to my laptop. I had written out a sort of statement of purpose on it that was not readable at its angle. But then there in blue ink,  readable, I had written  shoes the day before to remind me to exchange my dad’s shoes from Christmas. I knew in that instant that I wasn’t supposed to write about number 24. It was a correlation to that movie I had just watched.

I gathered that I was supposed to write about this psychic ability. How it is strengthening and how if you give attention to it, it will become more and more clear until you can’t deny it. You are at the point of just ‘knowing.’ I knew I wasn’t supposed to write about number 24. I was supposed to create this for you. I remember when I opened this page to write I looked at the blank Title section and while I’ll usually just fill that’s adequate. Sometimes after a really good session a title becomes transparent. I had this feeling  that I’d be able to think of a really fitting title after I was done writing and then happened to look down at my scrap piece of paper. After doing my final edits I easily filled in my title, Shoes. 

🙂 Nicole


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