I feel like there’s so much to express, but I don’t know the perfect platform to express everything I want to. Maybe that’s my problem, I’m trying to make it too perfect, too streamlined. But I’m not streamlined. Sure things look nice with five steps in how to change your life or whatever but my brain or maybe my heart just doesn’t function that way. I want to connect to a deeper meaning and purpose and to people in a way I’m not sure how.

How do I relay the magnificence in which we are living as heavy handily as I want to? How do I emphasize the glowing desire in me to brighten up the world. To leave it better than I came. To have some sure fire platform or tendency that all people after me can follow. To know that they are never alone. That angels and light. Ring and loved ones who have passed are with us continually. How do I relay something so innocuous yet so motivating. Something I know so matter of fact my yet sometimes easily forget in the face of trepidation? I don’t know. I really don’t know.  I think I’m starting to come to the conclusion that I need to be in front of people, speaking, so they can feel my energy and I can feel theirs. They can soak up the great confidence I feel at times and can connect with me when that also is not so much the case.

Since doing my latest attunement in reiki and after having meditated a bunch and found balance in my life it is like everything is crisper around me. The trees coming out of the earth are portrayed in such a way that I feel like I am actually on the Earth rather than it just being a flat movie screen in front of me. Everything feels so three-dimensional and so good and grounding.

In the distance I see a bridge planted into the ground over a river. Material built from this Earth to use for our convenience. The spectacles we have made and engineered here in this mysterious magical globe. All asleep to its true magnificence. Thinking we’ll spend our time on getting from here to there. But it is a reminder of what we can create here what we, conscious beings, can build out of some stone we resources here.

Other beings going about their business and pollinating things for us! So we can look at it and say oo that’s pretty, a reminder of the overflowing abundance of this magical world that we have to experience love and to love. Beautiful trees to frolick under, to contemplate under, to pray under, to enjoy and to be reminded of our own excellence.


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