I own this little tiny book of emotions. It was written by two women in Maine. One felt compelled to write it by her guides and the other helped with the project. Each page has a different emotion on it with an accompanying image. The emotion is acknowledged with a phrase and then let go and replaced with something positive by the second phrase.

Recently I discovered that I can use my intuition in the same way I use it to choose angel cards, to choose the pages of this tiny book. If I’m feeling ‘off,’ I can very easily slide down the slippery slope of making myself feel bad for not feeling happy. This morning I remembered the little trick I had tried with my little emotion book and tried it again. Lo and behold it worked! And worked marvelously! I too easily forget my need to acknowledge emotions. Forget my need for self-acceptance, forgiveness, acceptance.

Anyone can develop their intuition, some through feelings, some through visions, some through a certain taste of smell. For me it’s always a gut feeling. Start developing your intuition by using something like angel cards. You can buy angel card decks as apps now. Scroll through until you get a certain gut feeling. It could be a bad feeling or a good feeling depending on what you’re asking about. I usually mentally note something that will help me with this situation.

When I was feeling in a slump earlier, I flipped through my little book of emotions with my eyes closed. One of the first pages I was led (by myself & help I am sure!) to land on was Betrayal. I had been feeling my solar plexus and noted that it was hurting. And I was getting down on myself wishing that I just knew my place in the world and wishing I could just feel ambitious and inspired like I had on other days. If I hadn’t flipped through this little book and checked in on myself I would have never recognized that I was feeling betrayed by my own self! I had forgotten myself, the one who I have tried so hard to make feel safe and comforted at other times I was now berating and telling her she wasn’t good enough.

Another page I flipped to afterwards was Shame. I recognized as the phrase told me to accept myself just the way I was. However I continued for another thirty minutes or so lamenting about what I should do that day and getting my feathers all up in a ruffle. There were things that needed to be done, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do any of them.

Now, something, that will really help me, I asked my little book, and started flipping, Stress.

Oh, I didn’t realize I was stressed? I thought I was just working myself up in a funk. I guess I am going through a lot of changes and I have been pushing myself pretty hard. I probably am stressed.

Not listening to my mind when it needed a break. Always wanting to make more happen. This constant drive for more wore me down and I realized after flipping through to my last flip that I needed Support when I landed on it. Yes, that’s true I thought. I am no superhero. Maybe I should reach out.

Too often we can forget that we’re not alone here. It’s healthy to reach out to friends for support even if you haven’t talked to them for a while. Many times they will be happy to help, like my friend this morning, when I called her. Many times even people will be happy to help because they are giving you a gift, a gift of peace of mind, and you know how good it feels to give a gift. So I let her give and give and refused to feel guilty about it. I told her about a big change that would be happening for me soon and started crying. I was almost hysterical. And the scary thing is, I didn’t even realize those tears would come.

Using your intuition can be such a life-saver. I followed it all day even though it was hard. I wanted to be compulsive and just check things off my to-do list, but a big part of me was telling me that that wouldn’t make me happy. That a little ‘me time’ was what the doctor was ordering. It’s so easy to get caught up in this world of competition. To want to out-do or out-succeed other people, but what’s really more important is your relationship with yourself. Recognize if you’re feeling betrayed by your own self and carry on the only way you know how, and don’t forget to reach for support. Love to all of you people who are living your lives with truth and purpose. And to the ones who have yet to find that.


“In This Moment…the little book of emotions” by Sandra Bouquet Carslick & Vicki Norton Remsen from Lone Lotus Publishing in Camden, Maine.

© foreignwander.blog


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